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Above- colt foal by Copybush Chiron. Out of Whalton Sprig of Holly (by Yealand Nemesis son, Whalton Lucky Chance, out of Hollys Gem


Filly 1 day old-out of Whalton Diva (Kilvington Scoundrel), by Hollyland Faytino (Small-Land Maytino).
(Below-12 days)

Above:Filly at 12 days by Hollyland Faytino out of Whalton Diva(Kilvington Scoundrel)-to make 14.2hh.

Filly at 2 weeks out  of Giorgione/ Donnerhall/Pik Bube mare. By Copybush Chiron.

Above:  Colt by Copybush Chiron out of Kilvington Scoundrel/Whalton High Falutin mare.

 Below: Filly foal born 28th May, pictured at 10 days. Dam: Copybush Eye of the Tiger,full sister to HOYS Creber Supreme , Copybush Catchphrase. Sire Hollyland Cranberry (By Copybush Charlie Whisker out of a Small-Land Mambrino mare).

      Six Weeks                                                                                                              



Filly By Hollyland Cranberry out of Copybush Eye of the Tiger.


Filly  foal at 5 days by Copybush Chiron out of
                                                                   Kazmars Turn Back Time by Jackets Indigo Blue.


                                                                    2012 fillies by Copybush Chiron.
Filly foal out of Whalton High Esteem, by Kilvington Scoundrel out of Whalton High Falutin.

 2011 Foals

The first(right of picture above) is a 'catch-crop ' foal from a young mare who deserves to be shown in her own right under saddle.Highmead Flirtatious is By Llanarth Aristocat and out of Whalton Delightful. She is 14.2 and was bought because of her outstanding conformation and movement. Her bay and white colt foal is by Hollyland  Cranberry who is by Copybush Chiron's brother and out of a Small-Land Mambrino mare.
(Whalton Delightful due to foal  at Chiddock Stud  for  2014 to Chiddock Time Limit).


This lovely boy is eligible for Part-Bred Welsh and Part-Bred Arab classes aswell as Coloured.





Copybush Eye of the Tiger, full sister to HOYS Supreme In Hand '94, Copybush Catchphrase, has produced a dark coloured foal by Hollyland Cranberry.


Above at 6 days, below at nearly 2 months.



Below: By Copybush Chiron and out of Whalton Diva.

 Foal (below) 
out of Whalton Sprig of Holly
(Whalton Lucky Chance /Camargue Holly's Gem). 8 days, 2011


 3 1/2 weeks

  1/2 weeks

Above: 2011 colt,3 months old. By Copybush Chiron

and out of a Pascal(Pik Bube)/Friesian/TB mare.

This foal owned and bred by the Ross family.

                                                                                                                     This one looks likely to make a 15.2

These colts  have the quality, conformation and movement to be expected from their breeding.

They DO move!


Below:Foal Hollyland Venus who became dam of our 2010 foal(the next picture below)


   Sarnau Valentina with Hollyland Venus (by Copybush Chiron) as a foal.


2010- Hollyland Venus and Hollyland Faytino foal.







Colt foal by Hollyland Faytino (Small-Land Maytino) and out of Hollyland Venus.




2009 out of  Kazmars Turn Back Time-another lovely filly who moves on air.

Day 1


Picture above at nearly 3 weeks.                     






Copybush Eye of the Tiger-by Trellech Courvoisier out of Carolina Cat's Eye (Rosslyn Sandalwood).

Eye of the Tiger is full sister to '94 HOYS In Hand Champion, Copybush Catchphrase.

In 2008,Tiger has another upstanding, scopey, extravagant moving foal. This year he is virtually bay(though genetically coloured) with stockings and a star on his shoulder.

9 weeks


                                                                 As a 2 year old





Kazmars Turn Back Time-by Jackets Indigo Blue out of Jackets Classic Times has a remarkably outgoing filly(2008).





Solva Cocktail marked her 20 years with us by producing a tall, elegant filly by Small-Land Maytino-


Solva Cocktail and Small-Land Maytino filly at 9 days


Evergreen Copybush Quadrille-produced an exquisite filly by Copybush Chiron;

Quadrille in Spring 2008

Quadrille and Chiron's filly-1 day old


Copybush Quadrille


This lovely mare, the image of her father is by Small-Land Mambrino out of Winton Qumay.

Quizzy, as she is known, has bred outstanding foals, including the stallion Copybush Dancemaster, Copybush Quiznight, Copybush Quizzing Glass, Copybush Quiztime, Copybush Quizz Kid. With us, she has bred Hollyland Quincy,  Hollyland Quintino and Hollyland Quiz King.

Pictures of some of Quadrille's offspring in the Gallery.


2007 foal



Some of Quadrille's other offspring are:-

Copybush Quiznight...(below)Sire Copybush Catchphrase(HOYS Supreme In Hand '94) Dam Copybush Quadrille.

Copybush Quizz Kid-Sire Copybush Chiron. Dam-Copybush Quadrille

Copybush Quiztime-(below)

Daughter of C.Quadrille



Grand daughter of Copybush Quadrille (below)


Wentward Quality Quest

(out of a daughter of Copybush Quadrille)



Hollyland Passing Cloud-by Pascal out of Solva Cocktail. With foal Hollyland Peach. Cloud is now at Tullynessle Stud as is her son, Hollyland O'Donovan. O'Donovan is sired by the Donnerhall stallion , Donnersohn.

Cloud is a full sister to Hollyland Pacific.







Hollyland Peach-with 2007 foal by Hollyland Faytino.


Copybush Eye of the Tiger's  5 day old foal, 2007

Copybush Eye of the Tiger and day-old 2007 foal. Below, 2007 foal as a 4 yo.



Solva Cocktail-Sire- Small-Land Mambrino, Dam Solva Cherie by Sollum

Solva Cocktail came to us as a yearling to be stored for Genti as a 14 hander. She was bred by Beryl Alcock who also bred her mother Solva Cherie.


Cocktail was shown and Pony Clubbed by Genti as a young mare. She was virtually unbeaten in coloured classes and  held her own in BSPS, PBA and PBW classes too.At five she was Supreme Champion at CHAPS SW.

Hollyland Moonbeam- LR /1st ridden-pictured as a foal.


-...and with her own filly by Small-Land Extra Time in 2008:


Hollyland Moonbeam is a daughter of Litton Talisman mare, Hollyland Moonpenny. H.Moonpenny is dam of Copybush Moonsprite, winner of her First Ridden class and Champioship at Royal Windsor 2010 aswell as other  top-level wins . She finished the season with winning the First Ridden class and Championship at HOYS 2010 .

We feel that this grey 2008 filly, out of Copybush Moonsprite's half-sister and by the fabulous Small-Land Extra Time is special, too and should make a top LR or First Ridden.

    H. Story Time

    at 2 years.


To make 12h




To be continued....



...more profiles and pictures to be added.

*Outstandingly well-bred Head Stud Book Graded Oldenburg mare.

Sire Giorgione, Dam by Donnerhall and out of a Pik Bube mare. 7 years , 16.1hh approx.

This lovely girl was bought as a three year old with the intention of Genti bringing her on and enjoying her.She was graded in the Autumn of her 3rd year with the Oldenburg Society.Head Stud Book -as all the dam line. She has been brought along slowly. Professionally schooled in 2008 after Genti's first baby was born. Now with another coming along  , it will be such a waste to just turn her out .

Last year, she had an introduction to competing in both dressage and show jumping. Emphasis was on developing technique and laying good foundations.

Particularly kind and obliging, she is not mareish. Easy to do in all ways.






Sire Giorgione at 1992 Olympics

with Carl Hester

Dam 's sire: Donnerhall                   


                                                                                                                               Grand dam's Sire     Pik Bube



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